Nature morte au poire

Oil on canvas: 19 x 25 cm

Euphémie Muraton (1840-1914) was born in the Romantic period in the 19th century. Women artists were not permitted to paint outside their house and garden. Making still-lives and pets the main subjects for them. Muraton excelled in her paintings. Her accurate approach and her eye for colours are remarkable. Following the 19th century styles, Muraton’s brushstroke became more loose as we can see for example in this small “portrait” of a pear.It looks as if the pear has just come off the tree with the foliage still fresh on a little branch. It has been laid down on a stone table. A perfectly formed, ripe pear. The colours are realistic as is the roundness of the fruit.The depth to this little painting is made by table. It is an extremely complete and beautiful work of art.