1852 Reims – 1931 Paris Jean-Louis Forain was a French Impressionist painter, lithographer, watercolourist and etcher. He was one of France's most famous and revered artists during his time. He was, perhaps, most highly respected for his numerous drawings which chronicled and commented on Parisian city life and politics at the end of the 19th century. He brought (pollical) satire and caricature drawing to a high-level working for numerous newspapers and magazines for over 30 years. A follower and protégé of Degas, Forain joined the Impressionist circle in time to take part in the fourth independent exhibition in 1879. Influenced by Impressionist theories on light and colour, he depicted scenes of everyday life: his watercolours, pastels and paintings focused on Parisian popular entertainments and themes of modernity. Opera and theatre being his favourite subjects. He exhibited his work. Also in New York, throughout his life. With revolutionary ideas about society and clear political opinions Forain fought in the French-German war in 1870 and was involved in the First World War. The sceptical element is often found in his work.

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