1877 Delfshaven – 1968 Monte Carlo Born a Dutchman in Rotterdam died a Frenchman in Monaco. Van Dongen in a nutshell. After an unfinished education at the Academy in Rotterdam, the restless van Dongen left The Netherlands in 1897 for Paris. Except for a few visits to the Netherlands he never returned to Holland. After a short period as an illustrator for mostly socialist newspapers to earn some money, van Dongen became a full-time painter and one of the most important members of the colorful art movement of The "Fauves" together with Henri Matisse, Albert Marquet, André Derain to name a few. The movement lasted from 1998 to 1908 but for van Dongen the love for colours would last forever. From 1903 onward his reputations as an great artist grew. Living a very bohemian life in Paris, he worked very hard and his paintings sold well. Women were his main subject. In 1929 he got the French nationality. For years he traveled between Paris and Monaco where he died in 1968. Exhibitions of van Dongen have been held all over the world.

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