1857 Rotterdam – 1923 Amsterdam George Breitner is possibly Hollands best known impressionist painter. Born in Rotterdam in a tradesman family He will end his life in Amsterdam( the "opposite"city). In 1875 he starts his formal education at the Academy in The Hague  where he was expelled after throwing a framed copy of the strict Academic rules on the floor. This act of rebellion was in a nutshell what Breitners ideas of art were: freedom from the straitjacket of the institutions! On the other hand living in The Hague gave him the School of The Hague whose loose impressionist brushstrokes appealed to the youg artist. But even The Hague proved to be too conservative for Breitner and he moved to the much larger city of Amsterdam. He found his studio, walks along the streets and canals to scetch and ulimately to photograph the fast growing, dynamic city. It is here he became the "Peintre du Peuple"or the "peoples painter" depicting everyday life in all its un-romantic aspects. Photography became a passion, that he used as a study for his paintings. His unothodox way of life and artistic style that set all detail aside,  suited the avantgarde ideals in Amsterdam. His work can be found in all major collections in museums and in private.

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