1824 Honfleur – 1898 Deauville Boudin was born at Honfleur, the son of a ship's captain. It is therefore not surprising that the sea, the shores and beaches with all the atmospheric changes, became his lifelong artistic subject. The centre of his early activities was Le Havre where he opened a framing shop, visited by painters, including Jean-Francois Millet, who encouraged him to take up painting. Boudin visited Paris, where he studied at the Louvre and joined the artist colony in Montmartre. A grant made it possible for him to study the Dutch and Flemish masters in Belgium. Boudin was largely self-taught and had a preference for working directly from nature. Together with Jongkind he was one of the first impressionist and also one of the first French painters to paint “en plein-air” (outside). About 1856 Boudin met Claude Monet and introduced him to outdoor painting. The two worked together in the later 1860s. It was a lifelong friendship. Boudin's growing reputation enabled him to travel extensively in the 1870s. He visited Belgium, the Netherlands, and southern France, and from 1892 to 1895 made regular trips to Venice.

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