1864 Tilburg - 1930 Noordwijk The Dutch born painter Ludolph Berkemeier was formally educated  in Germany ( the academies of Düsseldorf and Weimar) where he was influenced by the newly emerging School of Barbizon, the French out- of -doors landscape painters. Coming back to the Netherlands, he found himself attracted by the Hague School as they supported many ideas of the Barbizon. In 1896 he moved to the yet unspoiled fishing village of Noordwijk. In consecutive years, Noordwijk would evolve into a famous and fashionable sea side resort. Berkemeier opened a artist supply shop and had a studio where he painted not only the as yet unspoiled village but also paintings commissioned by German visitors (the first tourist) meant as souvenirs of their stay. He united both the old and the new world. Berkemeiers style is clear and colourful. A lot of attention went to the figuration and the architectural details of the houses still populated by fishermen, their boats and of the village itself. His work is very  attractive, giving us a view of the past.

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