1897 Leeuwarden – 1981 Nijemirdum Gerrit Benner was a self-taught artist who developed into an internationally known painter besides running a successful art supplies shop. It was only after the 2nd World War that his art flourished and developed into full-fledged expressionism. With just a few strong colours on his palette he succeeded to put his vision of and love for nature on canvas and made it look rich and saturated. A world where wind, water and clouds were combined with cows grazing under a sun-drenched sky. A 1960s series of paintings made with several thick layers of paint to seem sculptured, are known as his “fat Benner” paintings. Benner was so convinced to have found his style that he destroyed all his work that dated from before the war. Although he had a lot of social interaction with his contemporaries Karel Appel, Constant and Corneille, he never belonged to a specific group or trend. He received several Dutch and international awards.  

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