1921 Amsterdam – 2006 Zürich ( CH) Internationally, Karel Appel (1921-2006) is perhaps the most renowned Dutch artist of the latter half of the twentieth century. Apple painted and made collages and sculptures using simple forms and vivid colours. His work is spontaneous and he created as he worked. His oeuvre is still associate by many people with Cobra and the 1950s, although it actually extends over a period of more than sixty years. His life reads like a walk through the world of experimental and philosophical art of the 20th century. He met and worked with the greatest artists of the century. He was much more than the “messing about” artist he once said about his work. This caused some controversy in his native Holland: half of the population despised him for this the other half adored him. The connoisseurs followed his art with passion. He travelled the world. He made his name internationally at the Sao Paulo Biennale in 1953. By 1990 he had studios in New York, Connecticut, Monaco and Tuscany. Karel Appel was more than his flamboyant personal image:                                   e.g  Appel’s early interest in Outsider Art, his wide-ranging stylistic experiments, and his highly individual – sometimes almost abstract – interpretation of traditional genres like the nude, the portrait and the urban or rural landscape. His experiments with “sculpting” the paint, letting his instinct work; his poetry and sculptures and so on. He died in 2006 in Switzerland and is buried on the Parisian cemetery of Père Lachaise.  

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